Moving to a New Apartment – Things to Have in Mind

Did you finally get that job in the city next to you that you have been eyeing for months or did you finally decide that it is time to find a new place for you and your girlfriend? Whatever the reason is behind your move, you must be very excited and want to speed up the process as quickly as possible.

Stepping into your own new apartments for rent in Tucson filled with boxes of your stuff that are ready to be unpacked has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

However, with such a task comes a lot of responsibility, and in all that excitement it is quite normal to forget about a few things you should have done. To avoid making any mistakes, you should learn about all the things you will need to have in mind. So, get your carton boxes ready and prepare for some work.

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Calculate the expenses

If you are someone who has never moved to a new home before it is probably very confusing about what you should do, how much you should spend and how much time it can take. This is why we are here to help.

The first thing you will have to do before moving is to calculate how much this move is going to cost you. Will you be able to afford it or should you look for other options? This heavily depends on the company you hire and the distance between your old home and your new one. If you cannot make up a price on your own, contact the movers you have hired and ask them to help you determine all the expenses for the move.

Make sure you hire the right company

One of the biggest problems with moving your personal and valuable stuff across the city or even across the country is that many movers do not respect how fragile so items can really be. This is why you must find a moving company that will satisfy all your needs and wants. Hiring quality professionals does not necessarily mean that is more expensive than doing the whole move by yourself.

People who decide to do a self-move actually end up spending a lot more money than those who have hired a team to do the work for them. When organizing everything by yourself you will have to consider the cost of packing items such as cardboard boxes, bubble wraps for all your fragile items, a van to get your items to your new home and loading equipment to get your stuff inside of the van. Adding to all of this cost is the risk of something breaking and maybe even injuring yourself. We recommend that you avoid doing such a task by yourself and relieve yourself from such a task by hiring professionals.

When choosing a company you should look for one that offers insurance for the stuff that they are transporting. In other words, anything they break will be replaced either in cash or with an item of the same value. Not only that, but they have a lot more experience in packing items than you do, so they will probably keep them safer than you. According to, you can speed up the process of moving to a new apartment considerably when hiring the right workers.

Draw up a plan

The other big problem people have with moving is that they simply forget too much. Forget things that should have been packed earlier, forget to schedule the movers and a bunch of other things that might happen during the chaos of a move.

This is why I always recommend people to keep some kind of a plan or a checklist nearby so you ensure that nothing gets forgotten. A well-planned move can help you save time by properly organizing the workers about what should go through the door first, how to pack and other little details that can help speed up the process.

Throw out what you don’t need

The one rule that every person who plans to move is to start throwing away the stuff that you do not need. The more things you need to transport, the more vans you will have to hire which can result in a very high bill at the end. There is no chance that every single thing you have bought for your old home to have a place for your new one. There probably is a lot of stuff that just takes up space in your rooms, so why not finally throw them away?

That one chair at the corner of your living room that you have been using for the last couple of years just to stack clothes can probably be thrown away. Or that lamp that does not work anymore, but you like it as a decoration is another thing you could avoid packing. The more you declutter your home from the useless stuff, the faster you will finish this whole moving process.

Save on cash by packing some stuff by yourself

We already mentioned that professionals are probably much more skilled when it comes to bubble wrapping all of your glasses or plates. But when it comes to things you can’t really break, why not pack them by yourself? Go to your nearest hardware store and get at least a dozen cardboard boxes, a few rolls of duct tape and maybe a cutter when you need to re-organize some of the packages.

You will not have to do everything at once, but when you are at home watching some TV, grab a few things and start sorting them inside of the box. Do this at least two or three days a week and you will notice that suddenly you have packed a great portion of your stuff. This can ease the whole process when the final moving day comes for both you and the workers you have hired.

We also recommend that you pack all of your precious items by yourself to any chance of losing them.